Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Character Development

Whats up everyone, i've been doing some character development work for a student short I'm working on. The story is about a 7 year old girl with a loose tooth, and her unintelligent uncle trying ever trick in the book to take the tooth out. So these are some rough designs of the uncle. The top drawing might be one of the final design of the uncle. If you want to see other versions of him check out my friend Wayne's blog, because he is also a character designer on the short as well.


victoriaying said...

Wow! such great character designs!

Kristina Bustamante said...

Hey! It's Kristina. We met last night at Disney. Nice character designs! And great choice of colors, too. I like that it has that vintage look you see in those old timey fashion magazines.

Can't wait to see more work on the film! Student films are just so exciting (even though they can be REALLY painful to work on at times...).